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 Martin Evening
Author: Photoshop for Photographers and London beauty photographer
  Basic Photoshop Color Adjustment
Using Photoshop's tools for making basic color and tone corrections.

557KB PDF file
Basic Photoshop Color Adjustment – The Movie
See the movie version that goes along with the PDF above.

8.67MB QT .mov
  The Healing Tool
Using the Healing Tool in Photoshop CS

 430KB PDF file
  The Healing Tool – The Movie
See the movie version that goes along with the PDF above.

15.7MB QT .mov
  Photoshop CS's New Color Tools
The new Photo Filter & Color Replacement Brush –the movie has even more!

 396KB PDF file
  Photoshop CS's New Color Tools – The Movie
Using Shadow/Highlight, Match Color, Photo Filter, and the Color Replacement tool.

17.46MB QT.mov
Bruce Fraser
Author; Real World Camera Raw, Co-author; Real World Photoshop & Color Management
  What is a Raw Capture?
The benefits and shooting raw and a discussion of raw captures.

661KB PDF file
What is Color?
A "Real World" definition of color and what it means.

230KB PDF file

How to Soft Proof
A "Real World" technique for soft proofing in Photoshop.

396KB PDF file
 Seth Resnick
Photographer, speaker & teacher, Principal of D-65.com
  Copyright Basics and Registration
The basics of Copyrights and how to protect and register your copyrights.

118KB PDF file
Basic Pricing for Photography Assignments
What do you charge? what SHOULD you charge?

 62KB PDF file
  Workflow  not  Workslooow
Tips on how to speed your digital imaging workflow.

585KB PDF file
  Customizing your Web Photo Gallery
How to fine tune and customize your web photo gallery

85KB PDF file
Andrew Rodney
Lectures and teaches about color management and Photoshop
  Black is Back
How to calibrate your display to be sure that Black is Black!

127KB PDF file
Photoshop CS's Histogram Palette
How do you use Photoshop's Histogram palette and why should you care?

483KB PDF file
  Photoshop's PhotoMerge Tool
Tips on using PhotoMerge.

1.05MB PDF file
  Resolution Primer
The basics of image resolution.

195KB PDF file
  Event Photoshop CS's Shadow / Highlight Tool
A basic look at this new feature and tips on using it.

396KB PDF file
Jeff Schewe
Photographer, speaker & teacher, Photoshop expert
  Camera Raw Workflow
Using Camera Raw, File Browser & Actions in a Camera Raw Workflow.

4.20MB PDF file
Custom Color to B&W Conversions
Custom color to B&W conversions using layers and masks.

886KB PDF file
  History Color Corrections
Using Photoshop's History feature to do color and tone corrections-Advanced

709KB PDF file
  The History of Photoshop
The history of Photoshop's begining through version 5.0. Required reading!

648KB PDF file
  Image Sharpening
Basic tutorials about image sharpening.

1.33MB PDF file

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