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Instructions for use of the PG Profiles in Photoshop CS3 on OS X 10.4.x

To use these profiles, you should install them in the correct location for Mac OS X;
Mac OS X: /Library/ColorSync/Profiles (available for all users)
Mac OS X: User/Library/ColorSync/Profiles (available for just this users)

The Photoshop CS3 Print dialog; there are several important considerations and dropdown selections that must be made correctly in this dialog box.

The CS3 Print behavior requires that you make sure you select the printer you wish to print to. This behavior may be improved in future versions.

In the Color Management options, you should select 'Photoshop Manages Color' in the Color Handling dropdown menu and select the correct profile, in this case SP3800_EFP_PK_2880. If you are printing to a different printer, make sure you select the correct EFP (Exhibition Fiber Paper) for that printer. You should use Photoshop's Soft Proofing Setup to help you decide which rendering intent will best reproduce your image.

Once you click on 'Print' in the Photoshop Print dialog you'll be in the Epson driver. In the Print Settings drop down under Media Type, be sure to select 'Premium Luster Photo Paper' or 'Premium Luster Photo Paper (260)'. Which selection you make will depend on the printer you are using.

Still in the Print Settings dropdown, under Advanced Settings, select either 1440 or 2880. The profiles can be used for either, but they were designed to provide maximum quality when using SuperPhoto 2880dpi. With the introduction of the Epson Stylus® Pro x800 (and x880) series printers, you can print using High Speed turned off if you've properly run the auto-align procedures. This will literally allow you to print the highest quality even in High Speed mode thus making your printer capable of printing 2X the speed than if printing in ui-directional mode.

Under the Printer Color Management dropdown, be sure to click on the 'Off (No Color Management' option.

With Photoshop CS3 (and CS2) there is an issue with Apple's ColorSync where ColorSync will misapply a "generic RGB" profile if the printer you are printing to is not set as the "default" printer in OS X 10.4.x. This results in modification of certain colors–particularly reds and skin tones. As long as you set the current printer to be the default printer, this issue can be avoided. This issue is expected to be addressed in the future. As shown above, in Printer Setup Utility, the 3800 print is made to be the default printer by selecting the printer and clicking on the Make Default button.

In the example shown above, the Epson StylusPro 3800 is in bold, indicating that it is the current "default" printer.

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