Jeff Schewe, a summa cum laude graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, has been an award winning Advertising Photographer in Chicago for over 25 years. Jeff's photographic specialty has always been problem solving and his move into digital imaging allows even more control over the final photographic image.

He has been doing digital imaging for over 15 years and is widely known and respected in the digital imaging community as a leading pioneer in the field. He speaks regularly at the PDN's Photo Expo Plus and teaches at the Santa Fe Workshops. A feature consultant and alpha & beta tester for Adobe Photoshop, he has been noted in the Photoshop credits. Jeff has also worked to advance photographic standards and community and is a past President of the Advertising Photographers of America (APA).

Jeff is one of 65 photographers worldwide named as a Canon Explorer of Light. He is also a member of Epson's Stylus Pro program and consults for a variety of companies. He is a past Apple "Master of the Medium" and has served as a member of Apple's Customer Advisory Board.